FMBB World Championships 2023 - Oradea - Romania

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FMBB World Champion Show

FMBB World Championship Show
Sunday, 16. April

 Tervueren – Judge: Laura Vassallo
 Malinois –
Judge: Petru Muntean
 Groenendael and Laekenois –
Judge: Hana Pisarčíková

FMBB World Winner
FMBB WW title is given to best male and best female of variety.
FMBB World Junior Winner is available to best Junior male and female
FMBB Vetran World Winner to best male and female veteran.

60,- EUR for the first dog and show
50,- EUR for second dog and/or second show
40,- EUR for third and more dog and/or third or fourth show
10,- EUR for all baby and puppy classes