FMBB World Championships 2023 - Oradea - Romania

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Obedience Judges

Doro Seidenschmiedt (chief judge)Austria
Viktoria VarsaniItaly

Obedience Organization & Stewards

Barbara SchifterAustria
Edwin RademakersNetherlands
Gerard TomassenNetherlands
Florian SteinerGermany
Alexandra FinkeGermany

Obedience layout for Qualification round

Here you will find the ring plans for the qualifications.
In addition to that we have the positions here:

OB Class 1
Position under march will be SIT

OB Class 2
Positions under march will be SIT and DOWN
Distance control will be SIT/STAND/DOWN/SIT/STAND/DOWN 
Position after cones will be STAND

OB Class 3
Position after cones will be STAND
Distance control will be STAND/SIT/DOWN/SIT/STAND/DOWN
Positions under march will be SIT from fast pace, DOWN from normal pace with recall.

Obedience layout for Finals

Starting order for the finals will be reverse ranking of qualifications.

Obedience Equipment

Wie will use dumbbells from Hundesportgerte Carl from Germany.
Of course you can bring and use your own dumbbells.

Obedience Results Qualifiction

[gswpts_table id=14]